Monday, November 15, 2010

Fall In Brooklyn

OK, so I know this looks nothing like Fall, or Brooklyn.  It's actually Summer in Cape Cod.  But here in Brooklyn, we just broke out the kids' winter jackets, and my sweater coat. (My Israeli-born husband is impervious to weather fluctuations). I love the colors of Fall, the cool air, the crunchy leaves, the smell of fireplaces lighting up in neighborhood brownstones. These are all good things. I am very grateful for the relief from NYC's heavy, sticky summer heat. I do not minimize these pleasures. But they are a trigger for me to get online and find a beach.

Which is why my husband and I were up past midnight searching for ways to escape over Thanksgiving. How much is it prudent to spend on one weekend of ocean?  Where are those last minute deals I hear about? Not last minute enough? I can wait.
In the meantime, I wanted to share photos from this past summer, showing my girls searching in the sand for models for my metal castings.  To see the latest fruits of their labor, click here.

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